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About Camwerkz

Camwerkz Pte Ltd is an established video and still camera rental company in Singapore.  Our services include video camera rental, DSLR cinematography, and professional photography equipment rental. We adopted the Tripartite Alliance for fair and progressive employment practice.

Along with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can be assured of the best rental experience whether you are a professional or amateur photographer or videographer.




Our Team 我们的团队

With a team of technically competent staff, we aim to provide the best shooting experience for both professionals and amateurs alike. 我们拥有专业技术的员工团队,旨在为专业人士和业余爱好者提供最佳拍摄体验

Our Equipment 我们的设备

Our equipment has and will remain on the cutting edge of camera and grip technology, leading the local industry. We put our equipment through regular maintenance cycles so you can be assured of getting only the best. Camwerkz’s inventory will ensure that you get great images for any budget level.
我们的设备保持在技术的最前沿,引领新加坡的工业。我们定期维护设备,以确保您获得最佳效果。 Camwerkz将确保您获得任何预算级别的需求、拥有最佳的拍摄。

Our Logo 我们的标志

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Operating Hours 营业时间

Weekdays 平日: 9:30AM – 6:30PM

Weekends 周末: 9:30AM – 3:30PM

Why Choose us?

  • Great service 很棒的服务
  • Dedicated staff 敬业的员工
  • Reliable equipment 可靠的设备
  • Competitive pricing 合理的价钱
  • Unequalled rental experience 无与伦比的租赁体验
CALL US ANYTIME +65 6474 4787 / +65 9040 6463

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