Cambodia groupHire in Cambodia for Equipment from Singapore

Camwerkz is excited to continue its presence in Cambodia. Our Cambodian branch continues to serve the expanding production needs of Phnom Penh and the region. You can check out the equipment available in Cambodia via Camwerkz Cambodia Website.

Some equipment are shared by both locations, hirers should be aware of the hiring process involved.

  • Potential hirers should book equipment from the website / contact information where the equipment is listed, regardless of the shoot location. This first touch point will continue coordinating with them until their shoot commences.
  • Hirers should collect and return their equipment at the respective country’s branch which will be the point of contact during the shoot.

Additional charges apply for logistics and insurance charges to and from both countries. Camwerkz will advise charges before confirmation. (Eg. Equipment below 20kg from Singapore to Phnom Penh will be about S$600 for delivery and S$200 for extended insurance cover.)

Camwerkz Singapore and Camwerkz Cambodia look forward to continued collaborations in both countries!