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Flexible LED lighting is now here. Really, it’s literally flexible, no kidding.

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Product Description

The Aladdin BI-FLEX is a lightweight flexible bi-colour LED fixture.

The lighting array is flexible and can be turned and twisted to fit tight corners and spaces. With a dimmer and colour control, you can easily get light in places otherwise unimaginable.

Squeeze one into a small space or bring several overseas in a small suitcase. The Aladdin BI-FLEX will give meaningful lighting capabilities in a flexible package.

Additional Information

Light source

Light Emitting Diode, various colour temperature.

Power source

AC mains power, V-mount battery (adaptor included)

Colour temperature

3220K – 5600K

Dimming level

5% – 100%


30cm x 30 cm, <5mm thickness

Rental comes with

Light head, power/colour control box, header cables, V-mount battery adaptor plate, V-mount battery, diffuser