Economic Production Package

DAILY RATE: $588.50 $406.60 inc. GST

This package is designed for productions with tight budgets with enough equipment to cover various varieties of shooting situations.

We have selected the most commonly used equipment in this package to make sure you have the best deal.

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Product Description

Please ensure that the driver has at least 2 years driving experience.

Package consists of

Item Quantity
Logistics Vehicle, Van 1
Arri 1.2KW / 575W HMI 1
Kino Flo 4’x4 banks / 2’x4 banks fluorescent 1
Blonde 2KW tungsten open face 1
Arri 1KW tungsten fresnel 1
Arri 650W tungsten fresnel 2
Arri 300W tungsten fresnel 2
Lighting stand, 007 1
Lighting stand, 004 6
Power extension cable 6
Polystyrene foam board 2
Diffusion frame, 4’x4′ 1
Diffusion frame, 3’x3′ 1
Cutter and Net Set* 1
Century Stand 6
Hong Kong Dolly** 1
Gaffer clamp 2
Super clamp 2
Magic arm 1
Umbrella + low boy 1
* Consisting of 3x solids and 3x nets/silk.
** Inclusive 4x straight track sections, 3x curved track sections, wedges, 2-4-6 blocks, water leveller, rope, and apple box set.