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Learn some facts about quality of LED.

How do you choose a quality light for your production? LEDs have emerged strongly in the photography and videography industry over a few years. The video below provides a good guide to choose a good LED for skin tones. http://michaellindow.com/2016/03/07/light-quality-matters-cri-tlci-sql-cri-extended/
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Arri L7-C available for rental at Camwerkz Pte Ltd

A few years ago LED lights were predicted to penetrate the media production market as they consumed less power, give greater luminance and were small in size. As with all new ideas, they were not received very well. Complaints included flickering and glare to the eye, hence they were not suited as cinematography lights. Technology […]
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LCD Light Panels

They are brighter, dimmable, consume little power, light and portable. The arrays are also convenient as they use both AC and battery power. With these improvements, LED technology is here to stay. LED lights bulb once clouded easily, tended to have a green cast and was glaring to the eyes. Those were the problems when […]