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We are certified to service Cooke lenses

It was an intensive 3 days training. Mr. Guy Genin, the Technical Director of Cooke Optics Limited, taught us very well. At the end of 3 days, we covered the whole series of Cooke Primes including the Cooke Anamorphic prime lens. We were even taught how to calibrate the focusing and iris scale with the […]

Leica Cine Lens Service

We attended the Leica Cine lens servicing training in Germany recently. We would like to thank Leica Germany for the hospitality and knowledge we received. The Leica new office has made a deep impression for all of us. The people we met are awesome and left us many great memories. Covered in the course includes […]

Zeiss Otus Rental (EOS Mount)

This was Zeiss’ way of describing the Zeiss Otus: Makes no compromises. When designing the Otus 1.4/55 we had one brief: make it the best. Representing the pinnacle of over a century of optical and technical expertise, this prime lens offers truly spectacular, world-class performance. Without compromise. Seekers of great lens cannot bypass this lens. […]
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Voiglander Nokton 25mm F0.95

Care for a shallow depth in the lowest lighting condition? f0.95 allows you to capture image in stills or video that most lenses cannot at the same ISO. Voiglander Nokton is the fastest M4/3 in the market yet. With the speed of Noctilux at the fraction of the price, it became the much sought-after lens […]