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50% off for Red camera rental if you rent a set of Cine lens

50% off for Red camera rental if you rent a set of Cine lens

We are 10 years old and we want to celebrate it with you. In 2019, we will be having a promotion throughout the year to reward our customers. For the month of January, we are offering 50% off Red camera with any rental of our Cine lens set. Take this opportunity to shoot on Red […]


RED IPP2 is here! The latest firmware for Helium camera allows user to select and view the IPP2. Non Helium RED Camera footage can also enjoy the upgrade in image quality with post software that supports IPP2. Good news for any RED camera users. This means that RED has unified the RED camera workflow. From […]

FREE! Introduction to RED Epic-W 8k Camera

8k resolution is coming to stay. RED Epic-W is an excellent tool to acquire that kind of resolution. How is the workflow like? How good is 8k? How will the footage work in post production? These questions will be answered in the free introduction to RED Epic-W camera session. Register at the link provided here. […]
RED Epic Dragon is Here!

RED Epic Dragon is Here!

The RED Epic Dragon 6k is here! Even as the RED Epic went out for countless projects last year, it was sent for the Dragon upgrade in December 2014. The upgrade is a major one and it did more than a simple increase in resolution. Dynamic range is now known to  be one of the […]

RED RAW to Pro Res transcoding at Camwerkz

Time is money. Time spent in transcoding RED footages can be a pain. Our Mac Pro system with the RED Rocket transcodes Red R3D realtime into various formats of choice. Real time sounds real good. Working on projects can lose its momentum after too long a break and waiting is not always helpful. You can […]
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RED Epic and Scarlet firmware updates

Red released Build 3 for both Epic and Scarlet. The new firmware allows playback function for the RED Scarlet which is great. However, the playback now only works on the touchscreen monitor and not the viewfinder. HD SDI output also now support more formats. We at Camwerkz always upgrade our cameras to the latest updated […]